Buy Original LLB degree Without Exam (Bachelor of Laws)

Buy Original LLB degree Without Exam (Bachelor of Laws)


What is the BBA LLB course?

BBA LLB COURSE: Full Form (Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Legislative Law) course is an incorporated degree, and on completing this course, aspirants are provided with a professional course. The term of a BBA LLB course is five years. The maximum period university college graduates need to complete their BBA LLB degree is eight years. As part of an incorporated BBA LLB degree, candidates have imparted education through numerous ideas, including study room teaching, case studies and moot courts.

What is Major Difference between the BBA LLB course Vs BA LLB course?

BA LLB COURSE (Hons) is an integrated 5-year course where students must study LLB and other Arts subjects. However, LLB is a 3-year degree that focuses solely on studying Law. BBA LLB COURSE stands for bachelor of business administration- bachelor of legislative Law. It is an integrated dual course programme. Admission to this degree is provided, relying on students’ overall performance in the law entrance examination. Candidates in the course discover various possibilities to present a great career start.

The Bachelor of Arts plus Bachelor of Legislative Law – BA LLB COURSE degree is an integrated law course that the law aspirants can pursue after qualifying for their Class 12th examinations. The law course integrates Arts and Law topics and is of a five-year duration.

Difference between BA LLB COURSE and a BA LLB COURSE (HONS)

The essential distinction between a BA LLB COURSE and a BA LLB COURSE (Hons) course is that up-and-comers are shown top to bottom different regulation subjects in the last option. It has been shared by the Bar Council of India (BCI) that up-and-comers who seek after a BA LLB COURSE (Hons) course would need to learn no less than eight papers from one regulation gathering alongside one more six discretionary papers from the other gathering, which incorporate Criminology, International Law, Law and Agriculture as well as Intellectual Property Law. In this way, to place it in exact words, in a BA LLB course, understudies need to learn no less than 28 subjects, while in a BA LLB COURSE (Hons) course, competitors need to give at least 36 regulation papers.

Job Description


In this work profile, one must advise and represent clients in civil and criminal cases. Lawyers present cases in the court of Law and take part in all proceedings & hearings.


In such a work profile, an individual usually specialises in a specific area of Law like tax, litigation, family or property. Solicitors offer legal advice to private and commercial clients.


In such a work profile, one needs considerable research to gather factual data and physical evidence to support their claim. Along with this, other responsibilities allocated to advocates include scrutinising & drafting contracts.

Legal Advisor

Candidates opting to work in such a work profile are also lawyers who specialise in a specific area of Law. Governments and large institutions/ companies usually hire legal advisors. The primary task of a legal advisor is to protect their clients from any legal implication or consequence.

Teacher or Lecturer

After completing an BA LLB course programme, graduates can also teach Law at the college or university level.

Advantages of Pursuing LLB After twelfth

Pursuing a career in Law is highly rewarding and demanding. Bachelors in Law is one of the most popular law courses after the twelfth that students can apply for as an undergraduate program. Pursuing a Bachelor in Law is many benefits, as it is a required law course. After completing this program, students can use either chart out a career as a qualified lawyer or pursue higher education to strengthen their educational qualifications and skills further.

Here are the top advantages of pursuing LLB after class 12th:

A Strong Educational Foundation

Acquiring an LLB degree can go a long way in laying a solid foundation for one’s educational qualifications. After completing an LLB from one of the top law colleges in India, one can pursue a Masters’s degree in Law, public administration, psychology, criminology, social work, and political science. If one wishes to make a career in the corporate world, one can pursue an MBA degree and use one’s legal expertise to drive one’s career ahead.

Excellent Career Opportunities

An LLB degree does not mean that one must only become a lawyer. One can pursue diverse fields and have multiple opportunities based on qualifications and skills. One can choose to strengthen one’s legal education and pursue LLM with a specialisation that suits one’s interests and aptitude. As mentioned earlier, one can pursue a career in psychology or criminology, parallel to a law degree, as one will still work within the legal system. Such qualifications can also lead to a career as a lecturer or faculty in one of the top law colleges in India.

Make a Real Social Difference

LLB is one of the best law courses in Maharashtra, and it can help one make a real difference in society. The program combines staunch legal knowledge and soft skills to help one become a successful lawyer within the Indian legal system. Besides this, BA LLB COURSE courses in Raipur also offer an additional advantage to students as these programs are integrated courses that combine subjects from BA and LLB degrees to help students gain an all-rounder education.

Financial Stability

Lawyers are some of the country’s most in-demand and highly paid professionals. To become a well-paid lawyer, one first needs to gain the necessary education qualifications, skills, and exposure in the field. Many top BA LLB COURSE colleges in Nashik offer excellent LLB and LLM programs to help students gain a well-rounded education in Law. These colleges have regular moot court sessions made compulsory by the Bar Council of India (BCI).

Develop Diverse Skills

Being a practising lawyer is no easy task. It takes years of training, learning, and skill development to become a competent lawyer that can help clients attain justice. An BA LLB COURSE degree program offered by leading law schools in Maharashtra is integrated with skill-building programs like workshops, guest lectures, inter-college competitions, moot court sessions, legal aid camps, project work, and seminars to help students develop holistically. So make sure that the college students choose to develop their legal and soft skills in an industry-integrated manner.

It is a five years integrated programme with two degrees in one. Candidates have the edge over other graduates since it combines two courses in 1 LLB after graduation would need six years; here, only in five years do the candidate complete graduation with dual courses in 1.
It offers many career options, either in mainstream Law or one can even deviate from that to other career options under the knowledge of other subjects acquired during the degree.
It gives one financial independence, and if one does not want to work for anyone or wants to be independent, one can consider starting one’s firm.
It gives one a holistic development because the knowledge from various subjects integrated here is broader & richer.

Inculcates strong ethics and compassion: Law professionals need to be highly empathetic & compassionate to kindle and develop good virtues in a human being.


Pursuing a law degree can open up many opportunities for one. One can work in the corporate sector or choose to become a driving force for societal change by helping victims fight for justice. Lawyers are highly respected in our society, so if one wishes to pursue a career that helps one obtain social standing, then an BA LLB COURSE is the right option. Make sure the college one choose has the right curriculum, a well-setup moot court, skill-building opportunities, and 100% placement assistance to help one launch a bright legal career. Good luck!
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